7 Little Changes To Make For A Big Impact On Earth Day

April 22, 2021 Lane Hokanson

7 Little Changes To Make For A Big Impact On Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!

We love where we live - and the best way to show that is to make little changes that benefit our planet!
While it can sometimes be tempting to make drastic cuts to boost your environmental impact...we have a hard time making those actually sustainable.
Instead, we live by small changes that build up to create a sizable difference, while still being small enough that we can incorporate them into our daily life.

Use A Reusable Water Bottle!

This one's pretty easy, right? Instead of using a disposable cup at work or a plastic single-use bottle at the gas station, bring your own!
Want to take it to the next level? Most restaurants will fill your cup instead of theirs if you ask!


Have meeting notes you don't need any longer? Toss them into the recycling instead of your desk bin.
Better yet, when you're able, skip the print and just stick to digital!
Having a hard time remembering what you can recycle? Find your local guide here.

Pack Your Lunch!

Listen, it's tempting to eat out. Or, to bring your lunch in a package that you can toss out afterwards and not have to deal with dishes.
But, one of the easiest ways to decrease your footprint is to use a container that you can bring home and reuse. Plus, you get to have fun with style!
Want a next level hack? Add silverware into the mix!
Granted, right now about half of us continue to work from home, and it may not be safe to share your vehicle with others. However, when it's safe to do so, carpooling can really cut down on emissions! Plus, it's fun to start off the morning by switching up your routine and can help to boost your mood!



Turn The Water Off While Brushing Your Teeth

Easy to do, but easy to forget!
If you have a timed toothbrush, you know that those two minutes can stretch out for eternity. Think of how much water goes down the pipes while you don't need it!
Turn off the water and turn up your positive impact for our sweet planet!

Bring Your Own Bags

Nothing makes us feel quite as much like an eco warrior as telling a cashier that we have our own bag.
Whether you like canvas, insulated, or compact, find a bag that fits with your lifestyle so that you can commit to using it as often as possible!
(Hint: we recommend finding one that is washable!)

Turn Off The Lights

This one is also startlingly simple - but remembering to turn off the lights when you're no longer in a room is a great habit to build.
Even better? Make sure you're using LED light bulbs! Your energy bill (and the planet) will thank you.

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