8 Ways to Love your Job!

February 12, 2016 Audrey


The average American spends way over 50% of their weekday waking hours at work. And guess what, many of us just aren’t lovin’ it. At Baudville, employee happiness is sort of our thang. We make employee recognition products designed to get people geeked about coming to work and we do a pretty good job owning our message. After all, Baudville’s been one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in West Michigan for years running!

Do you love your job? Do you wake up excited to go to work every day? Or are you slumped over during your morning commute with a scowl on your face and a feeling of dread in your belly? Just to be clear, some jobs are truly awful and deserve to be QUIT! But many jobs can go from meh to muah! with the help of some deliberate choices. Give love a chance and try out these 8 ways to love your job!

  1.        Start your day with a positive attitude:

Try taking a few deep breaths and clearing your mind. Focus on right now, this moment, and it’ll help you get off to a good start. Next, think of a couple reasons that you’re grateful. It doesn’t have to be serious, it just has to make you smile on that particular morning.

  1.        Hang with the positive crowd:

We’ve all encountered those negative Nancy’s in the workplace. They’re whispering behind backs and spouting crapola about the latest update from management. When you see Nancy at the water cooler, RUN in the other direction! Instead of getting sucked into that black hole, sidle up next to sunny Sally and share a few fun things you did this weekend or compliment her new scarf. You’ll be surprised by how much more you’ll enjoy being at work if you’re not constantly hit with gloom and doom!

  1.        Recognize your coworkers’ efforts:

If you notice that someone at work is totally hitting it out of the park, tell them! If you want to work in a positive, team-spirit kind of atmosphere, take a page from Gandhi’s book and “be the change you want to see in the world.” My boss emailed this to me today after I worked really hard on a new project:


That little email made me feel like a million bucks. Try saying or sending something to spread that warm, fuzzy feeling!  

  1.        Laugh and Smile More:

Try laughing and smiling more at work. Other people will see your positive energy and will be drawn to you like the little lightning bug you are! The more you try to smile, the more you will smile and the more you’ll feel like smiling!

  1.        Personalize your Workspace:

There are so many cool workspace design photos out there. Check out Baudville’s Desktop Design Pinterest board for inspiration. Not into design? Add a couple photos of your loved ones. Seeing their smiling faces can remind you that you’ve got a lot to be happy about!

  1.        Find your inspiration:

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of inspirational quotes with silly sunset backgrounds. I scroll through most of these posts without a second look but once in a while, something will resonate with me in a powerful way. Do a quick search and find something that inspires you to be your best workplace self!


This one perks me up! Post it in your work area. Make it your screen saver. Tape it to your forehead (okay not really). Do what you gotta do to get a little inspiration and motivation!

  1.        Keep a Happy File:

Happier.com has this great advice on keeping a happy file in your inbox! “Few things are less exciting than organizing our inboxes, but having a go-to folder for emails that make you smile is a blessing on those terrible, awful, not good, very bad days. Whether it's the hilarious dog videos your coworker sent you or an email where someone called you out for your awesomeness, having those on hand for quick reference can turn a bad day from spiraling out of control and remind you what really matters.”


Isn’t this the cutest darn email you ever did see?

  1.        Take a vacation:

Marketwatch.com says that “in the U.S., employees only use 51% of their eligible paid vacation time and paid time off.” How can this be?! Time away from work makes us sane! If you can’t sip strawberry daiquiris at an all-inclusive resort, try to plan a minibreak or a staycation. And take more than one day off at a time! Long weekends are great but nothing soothes the soul like a solid week away from work!

We’re not all blessed with a full-time puppy cuddle-er or ice-cream flavor taster gig but most of us have to keep putting food on the table. If we must work, here’s hoping that following these tips might bring a little sunshine to your less than stellar work week! Mary Poppins said it best: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!”  



Audrey is brand spankin’ new to the ‘ville (that’s what they call Baudville around these parts). As the new Marketing Coordinator, she'll be talking printer-ese, corralling creatives for our catalogs, and writing headlines and blog posts about Baudville’s #1 passion, employee recognition!

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