A Little Goes a Long Way: Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 6, 2015



Next Monday, February 9th kicks off Random Acts of Kindness Week: a springboard for generosity and thoughtfulness. To help you get involved, we’re providing you a handful of simple, easy ways to recognize those around you during the upcoming week.

We often overlook how simple it is to cultivate kindness in our workplace. In our smallest acts we can achieve great things, build great relationships, and build positivity within others and ourselves. I am challenging myself (and encourage you) to invest some effort into being extra kind this week, and to create a habit out of it moving forward in the weeks to come.

After reading The Psychology of Kindness in The Workplace, one line (among others) stood out to me: “Research on emotional contagion shows that people are particularly likely to catch the emotions of their leaders.” The “I lead, you follow” expression is not only applicable to the day-to-day work being done, but to the actions and exchanges that take place in your working environment… We must not forget that. Kindness built into the culture of your organization stems from leaders making behavioral changes that promote positivity and will, in turn, spread like wildfire.

Acknowledging Random Acts of Kindness Week within your organization can build idea generation, motivation, and a more comfortable working environment moving ahead. Random acts of kindness leave room to cultivate new relationships between co-workers and give opportunity for conversations that might not have happened without someone stepping up to the kindness plate. Let this blog post serve as a reminder, idea-generator, or an eye-opener to promote kindness and kick-start next week with your best foot forward!

For kindness ideas, take a look at our eBook here. If you’re feeling inspired to share some extra kindness and just can’t wait until next week, send an ePraise eCard here.


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