A simple question… what’s the point?

June 22, 2009

Over the past year all of us at Baudville have come to know and be obsessed with “the new brand launch” so much so that after a while the process can become as much the goal as the goal itself.  I was reminded of this one night my wife asked me “so why are you re-launching the brand – what’s the point?”  

At first I was indignant and about to respond with the quick reply of a business guy that it was necessary to grow the company, or a key part of our strategic plan, or some like reason based in sound business logic – which would be true as that is where much of the process and decisions to rebrand the company started.  But something stopped me short of a terse reply. 

A time for change 

Often times over the past year I have wondered if we could achieve what we were setting out to do – after all I had scoffed many times at other companies attempts to reinvent themselves – what’s the point, I often thought, of saying something new when you really didn’t have anything new to say?  Was Baudville so different – did we in fact have something more to say?  

Then round about the middle of this whole thing something big happened.  The Recession.  The economic struggle played out in many theatres big and small – from big government to small towns; our nation’s largest corporations to small businesses just like Baudville; and over the course of that the national mood has soured – and without question it seems as though work life was just not as fun as it once had been. 

And while all this was happening around us something was happening here at Baudville too.  Yes the leaders of the company were talking about change and the evolution of a brand, but our team was more than listening; they were creating that change.  Often times as a small business owner I reflect on the short but simple words of Teddy Roosevelt, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”  A phrase required for a company of less than 80 employees with big goals and usually a translation to “okay guys – let’s just do the best we can.”   But over the past year, I have witnessed much more than the best we can.   I have seen our staff come together around a common goal – one that at once had significance for only our business, but over its life has come to represent for me what our economy and most certainly our work life needs most. 

A healthy dose of positivity 

It’s that simple really.  Seems we have all been caught in a downward spiral of late – and while no simple thank you, or ‘atta boy can fix a company or pay a mortgage, what it can do is change an attitude, make someone smile, or turn a day from down to up.  Put a few of those together and the impact on a company can be huge. 

Okay so back to the question, what’s the point?  Well it took me a little while to get there but it seems after developing over 250 new products, 10 new themes, and 1 new brand the point has become clear; 80 people working everyday to make our company and yours a better place to work – I’d say that’s worth and exclamation point!  Do we have something to say – you bet we do – and it matters now more than ever. 

I hope you find something in our new store that will help you influence those you work with and who work for you in a positive way – I can tell you it has made all the difference here and it can where you are too. 

I look forward to hearing your success stories – feel free to email me anytime. 


Baudville Inc 


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