An Extra Shot of Recognition Fun at the ‘Ville!

April 30, 2015

Bruce did it. Kim did it. So did Kelli. And Laura. But guess what? Recognition isn’t only for managers to give! At the ‘Ville, peer-to-peer recognition is just as big of a thing!


Right now, our creative team is putting together our catalogs for the next cycle. And, you may not know this, but it is one heck of a feat! They need to find a way to fit in 280 new products, which means something needs to come out (a lot of things, really)—and pretty much everything needs to get moved around. It’s kind of like two months straight of playing 52 pick-up. I’ve noticed that they’ve been under just a little pressure and my colleague, Jenny, has, too—but she actually decided to do something about it! Here’s her story:

What did your peers do to receive the recognition?

Our creative team has been working their tails off making our next catalog the best it can be. It requires a lot of time and energy on their part. I was beginning to wonder if they were even going home or actually sleeping at work!

What did you do to recognize them?

I was watching how much coffee was going into our creative suite this last week—at all hours of the day. So, instead of the usual office coffee, I thought I’d surprise them with some extra-special Starbucks.


When did you recognize them (time span after event)?

I noticed they had been working like crazy, so I thought they needed a good surprise for Friday morning, to reward them for making it through the week. It wasn’t something I had to put much planning into either! It was quick and easy, and they loved it. I wrote a Cheers Note to each of them, too, to tell them what great work they’ve been doing.

Anything else you want to say?
When I stopped at Starbucks to pick up coffee, the lady behind me laughed and asked if I drew the short straw for the day. I let her know I hadn’t actually, I just love my co-workers!!

Thanks for sharing, Jenny! And thank you for giving our creative co-workers the extra fuel they needed to get the job done. They rocked it out!

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