An Open Letter to Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8, 2018 Scott Gills

On this Teacher Appreciation Day, we’re taking time to say “thank you” to our teachers—to the people who saw potential in us and brought out the best in us.

 An open letter to our teachers

Thank you, teachers, for . . .


T. Tolerating our monkey business

Besides parents, teachers take the brunt of students’ greatest and worst moods. Students can be crazy, hyper, and out of control. Students can be mischievous, distracting, and a nuisance. Thanks for enduring all of this (and more) with patience and grace, calmness and experienced understanding all year long.


E. Expecting more of us than we did of ourselves

While students can sometimes give up at the first sign of hardship, you encouraged us to push harder and give our absolute best. Without you, we wouldn't know what we’re capable of.


A. Advocating for us

Teachers are advocates. For all the times you’ve looked out for us, taking a stand for us, believed in us, gave us advice, motivated us, and more . . . thank you!


C. Caring about our lives even outside of class

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us—asking us about our weekends, hobbies, and interests—and even sometimes coming out to support us at our plays, sporting events, etc.


H. Helping us get past the awkward braces phase

Well, and all our other awkward phrases. (#enoughsaid)


I. Impacting our lives for the better

Thank you, teachers, for facilitating our academic growth, empowering us and encouraging us to go after what we wanted to do, giving us confidence in our abilities, and motivating us to work hard to improve in areas where we were weak. You may not know where all your students ended up or what they do for a living. But without you, they would most definitely not be where they are today.


N. Not being afraid to be silly

Thanks for going all out on Halloween; coming up with ridiculous songs to help us remember things; dressing up as book characters; telling lame jokes; letting us egg you, buzz your head, or cover you with silly string when we achieved a goal; and so much more!


G. Giving us your all

We may not have known it then, but we see it now: You put your heart and soul into teaching.

It goes beyond the 9 to 5 (well, 7:45–3:00) into lesson planning, paper grading, classroom organizing, event attending, and other important tasks that can’t always be crammed into the school day.


Teachers Rock!

To all our teachers: Thank you, and have a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Day today and Teacher Appreciation Week all week long!


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