Are You On The Recognition Bandwagon?

September 4, 2018 Julia Daihl


In the hectic business world, as we manage a million things at once, showing appreciation in meaningful ways to those working so hard for us can easily be glanced over.

Take a look in the mirror: are you on the recognition bandwagon?

Finding good employees is harder than ever, so if you plan on keeping that awesome crew you currently have on board, it’s time to think about a recognition program pronto!


Recognition Matters

Building a company culture that includes recognition and thankfulness makes a significant difference in how people view their jobs. Recognition boosts self worth; self-worth spurs productivity. It’s really that simple.

According to, 90 percent of employees report that recognition programs positively impact engagement, and 86 percent of managers agree that recognition increases employee happiness.

So why is lack of appreciation still the number one reason Americans leave their jobs? Far. Too. Little. Praise.


Motivate, Engage, Retain, Excel

Since National Customer Service Week is fast approaching (Oct. 1-5, 2018), now is the opportune time to start a recognition program.

National Customer Service Week was created to emphasize the importance of positively engaging clients and customers. But, technically, the nitty-gritty of customer service really comes back around to the employees that serve the customer.

That’s a good share of your team, yes? Not just those in customer facing positions (although let’s take a moment and give a special shout out to the Customer Service Reps—they’re rock stars!).

We’re talking about anyone who problem-solves on the fly, corrects mistakes, goes above and beyond for the customer and/or anyone who has earned your customers’ trust and loyalty.

Every one of them is worthy of daily praise. Fanfare, large or small, is your choice.

Here are a couple easy ideas to get you started: motivate your team with a “solid gold” water bottles ; engage them with a personalized award plaque; retain them with a “Workiversary” gift box. And watch them (and your business) excel.

Acknowledging every employee every day may not seem realistic, but once you implement a recognition program, you’ll see that the rewards far outweigh the time it took to get it up and running.

So start preparing—time is of the essence. Kick off your recognition program on the eve of National Customer Service Week and keep it running throughout the year. It’s a darn good excuse to have some fun and show your employees just how much they’re appreciated.

For more inspiring recognition ideas, check out Baudville’s resource center:

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