Are Your Employees Getting By with a Little Help from Their Friends?

April 20, 2015

If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, you’ve probably had at least a few different jobs and you’ve likely had a diversity of experiences—with co-workers, bosses, cultures, environments. Of these, what stood out to you? Or stands out to you now? For me, it has been the times when I’ve had a confidant. Not a friend necessarily, but someone I admired and trusted. Someone who didn’t just challenge me to be better, but also helped me get there. Someone whose example I could emulate, even it was as simple as how to dress or carry myself in a meeting. And, most importantly, someone who was benefitting from me, too—and I knew it and it helped build my confidence even more.


I may not have realized it at the time, but now I look back at those people as mentors. They helped shape who I am today and helped me realize many of my career goals. Does this sound like anyone in your life? If it does, you know how invaluable it is to have such a resource. What can you do to help your new hires fine that kind of relationship? Read our Onboarding issue of RecogNation and, specifically, our article on ongoing professional development!


Allison is currently living out the elaborate fantasy she described to her now-former staff and colleagues in early 2001. With a hearty dose of courage and absolutely no plan of action, she abruptly left her middle-management job to become a writer—and today she is doing just that in her role as Baudville's Senior Content Writer. She's here to tell you everything she's learned in her 20-years+ professional life, plus a lot more. She's wordy like that!

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