Autumn Team Building Ideas to Fall for! (And no, we don’t mean the trust fall).

September 27, 2017 Maggie Kennedy

forest-meadow-leaves-autumn.jpgTeam building events are great ways to get your employees out of the office, while getting to know each other better. Sounds fun, right? Well, not necessarily. From trust falls to uncomfortable oversharing in icebreakers, not all team building is created equally.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and the falling leaves with some team building events everyone will enjoy!

  1. Volunteer to rake leaves around your community. Help out a local retirement community or park by gathering your team and picking up some leaves. Getting out in the fresh air and helping out your community (while jumping in a large pile of leaves!), will definitely boost the team spirit!
  2. Pick apples, but make it competitive. Head over to a local orchard and pick something fresh! Separate your staff into teams and have them compete to see who can pick the most apples or find the biggest pumpkin. A little healthy competition is good for the soul.
  3. Invite employees’ children to come trick or treating around the office. Dressing up for Halloween at the office is not everyone’s forte, but who doesn’t love seeing the little ones in their costumes? Invite employees to bring their children through and have them trick-or-treat at everyone’s desk.
  4. Purchase group tickets to a local football game that your employees and their families can enjoy. Or play a game of flag football against each other. Nothing says fall more than football on a crisp Saturday. Invite your team and their families to cheer on a local team or play flag football at a local park.

Whether it is one of these activities or another team building event, take the time this fall to get out with your teams to do something other than work (and not talk shop!). Not only will your teams feel refreshed, but will feel appreciated for their hard work.  

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