Baudville Team Top Summer Picks!

May 17, 2017 Maggie

Though we may be a little biased, we have to say that we think our products are the coolest. And not only do we sell them, but our employees use them on a daily basis. With our recent launch of Drink by Baudville, Baudvillians can’t keep their hands off all the cool, new drinkware. So, what are some of our top favs? Well, let us tell you:

  1. "I’m obsessed with the Betti Stainless Steel Travel Mug! I received one and then quickly realized I needed another one to put in my already overflowing cabinet. It goes right in the front and I use it every day over my other mugs. It is the perfect size, not too big or small, and the lid is honestly what I like the most. It has a finger finder on the back so I don’t have to be looking at my mug to know where the spout is when I am driving and the sip area is also extended to help eliminate any sipping accidents. Love it!" - Kim, Digital Marketing ManagerIMG_4627.jpg
  2. "Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an avid hydrator and drinkware enthusiast. A team member gave me the Aura Glass Water Bottle, and it’s safe to say I’m officially obsessed.  It is the perfect size to fit in my purse and the screw-on lid creates a super tight seal, so I never have to worry about it leaking on any of my essentials.  Plus, drinking from glass is so. dang. refreshing." - Abby, Digital Marketing CoordinatorIMG_4616.jpg
  3. "The Color Pop Stainless Travel Mug is my new fav! This product comes in all the best colors – and the artwork is so fun and bold. The vertical print makes it just different enough so it really stands out. I also love that the top flips all the way open so it doesn’t hit you in the face when you take a sip - a win for sure!" - Lauren, Product CoordinatorIMG_4626.jpg
  4. "My favorite new drinkware product would have to be the Blender Bottle Classic. It’s the perfect size for mixing up a protein shake for a workout, and I love the color options! Very summer-y and fun!" - Parker, Graphic DesignerIMG_4615.jpg
  5. "I love the new Luxe Ceramic Mugs. With the chic gold accents I feel uber sophisaticated when I drink my coffee out of it in the morning. My personal fav is the "Stay Fabulous" one becuase it obviously make me feel super fab!" - Maggie, Marketing ManagerFullSizeRender.jpg

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