Baudville's Virtual Event: 2020 Wrapped

February 12, 2021 Lane Hokanson

We don't want to brag, but we're pretty good at throwing a party. Our year-end gala tends to be our favorite thing to look forward to - a way to celebrate the year we've wrapped, and a breath of fresh air after our busiest season. Normally, we reserve a big space, dress according to theme, and fill up the room with laughter and games.

This year, it looked a little bit different.

As much as we are all exhausted from the pandemic, we know that it's still just as important to stay safe and stay spread out. So we got creative with our party and hosted a virtual beach bash.
Our talented event committee kept it top secret by putting together a sealed event kit that was only to be opened at the time of the party.

Since we had some staff in-house and some at home, we did a Microsoft Office Teams call where we streamed the Baudville office activities and folks chimed in within the chat or by un-muting themselves.

There were award announcements, prizes raffled off, and lots of laughter.

All this is to say that we know it can be hard to find the fun parts of this unprecedented season, but we are proud to celebrate the perseverance and dedication that our team has continuously demonstrated throughout this challenging year.
We recognize that we would not be here, with smiles on our (masked) faces, without the support of our customers. So we'd also like to give you a shout out and extend a gratitude-filled thank you!


Take a peek at our event kit below!

Interested in something similar for your team? We'd be happy to help you discover the perfect curated kit. Just give us a call at 1-800-728-0888.
So whether you were able to raise a glass to your team, had to send their awards directly to their doorstep, or simply had to keep your nose to the grindstone, we'd like to raise a glass to you. Cheers to the challenges, to the obstacles we've overcome, and to the brighter days ahead.


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