Best Company Picnic Games to Boost Employee Engagement

June 29, 2022 Julia Daihl


 A company picnic without games is like a baseball game without a hot dog… not good. Company picnic games are a great way to get employees to mingle with each other and have fun. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of corporate picnic game ideas and activities to help boost employee engagement.


Best Company Picnic Games to Boost Employee Engagement

Cornhole Tournament

Encourage some friendly competition between co-workers with a cornhole tournament. The undefeated team wins bragging rights and a fun prize.

Giant Scrabble

Take a classic and make it big for some guaranteed fun. Lemon Thistle has great instructions on how to make and play this game yard sized!

Giant Jenga

To keep with the giant theme, giant Jenga is another crowd pleaser. With the stakes being even higher (get it, since it’s giant hehe), employees will have a blast trying to work together to keep the tower from tipping. You can buy the yard version or make your own.


Find-a-Friend Bingo

This game is often used in the classroom but works great for company picnics as well. It allows people to get to know each other. Essentially, you fill bingo squares with facts or traits of different people. For example, you could have one square be “has been out of the country” and another say, “doesn’t like to swim,” etc. Guests try to get a bingo by talking to people and finding out if that square is true to them.

Here’s a great example of one.



Not games, But Worthy Company Picnic Activities

Face Painting

This activity is perfect for family-friendly company picnics.

Balloon Artist

Encourage employees to embrace their inner child by inviting a balloon artist to attend the company picnic. Uh, yes please to a balloon hat! Note: be sure none of your guests have a latex allergy though!


Live Band

Good music is always a good idea. It’s the perfect pair to good food, too.

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a fun and different way to have fun at a company picnic. The next day, everyone can show off their designs at work!



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