Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion During the Holidays

December 7, 2017 Alyssa Karhan

Celebrate (and Respect) Diversity and Inclusion During the Holiday Season

Here we are again—heading full steam into the holidays! So much has changed in the last year though, and we’re looking at a whole new landscape when it comes to diversity and inclusion awareness.

As holiday decorations go up and celebrations begin, it’s a good time to consider how you can make the workplace (even if your team is still working from home) more welcoming and inclusive.

In the wise words of author and former Herman Miller CEO, Max De Pree, “We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”

The holidays are about respecting everyone’s religious or non-religious customs and beliefs. And it’s not just about tolerance—it’s about acceptance, peace, and understanding.


Holidays in the Workplace

This year we may not be decorating cubicles, stockpiling holiday goodies in the break room, or hosting conference room parties, but we can still collectively acknowledge and celebrate the season with our teams.

In quick summation, appreciation gifts, innovative party planning, and the gift of time are a must. Here are a few ideas:



Think useful, think appreciation and think more global. For example, this affordable, long-lasting mug, with a light-hearted winter theme, will capture your gratitude and cover all your holiday bases. Everyone will be warmed by its charm and your thoughtfulness.



It may be a virtual party, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun-filled. Connection alone can work wonders for team building and inclusion. Give each of your employees the chance to share one holiday tradition. Find out what it means to them and what makes it so special.

Taking the time to learn about different cultures, religions, and traditions shows that you truly care about humankind as a whole, which creates healthy relationships and stronger connections.

Have a fun wine tumbler shipped to their homes and give a robust toast to acknowledge and honor the diversity of each and every one of them (they can fill the tumbler with their choice beverage).


Time off

The best gift of all is allowing your staff to take time away from work to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Be considerate of everyone’s needs while still maintaining a workflow conducive to success.

Send them on their way with a travel mug to ensure they have a warm and uplifting journey.


Celebrate Openly and Allow Others to do the Same

Whether you decorate with snowflakes and candy canes, Santas, religious figures, menorahs, a mishumaa saba, or nothing at all, we’re all humans celebrating things with deep meaning. These beliefs are sacred and carry strong, personal attachments and convictions.

Everyone’s traditions, upbringing, and religious/non-religious practices are their own, and should be respected. Celebrating diversity makes room for inclusion, allowing the world to spin a little more smoothly. And in reality, we wouldn’t all want to be exactly the same anyway, would we?

We wish you joy throughout the holidays (and beyond), and sincerely hope you enjoy all your celebrations!

We’re always here for you to help make every aspect of the season merry and bright. Visit us often to inspire happiness and harmony in your workplace.

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