Cell Phone Policies for the 21st Century

August 1, 2016 Abby Oberholtzer

Can you remember a time when your day wasn't interrupted by the sound of your smart phone vibrating on the metal filing cabinet next to your desk? Do you have a running tally of how many times you check your phone during the day?  In the year 2016 it's inevitable that personal tech devices will make their way into the office. So now is as good of time as ever to get your policies up to speed with the growing tech scene.  We've got some ideas to help make your phone policy more flexible and reasonable for your employees. Cell_Phone_Policies.jpg

To Ban or Not to Ban?
Before giving into the knee-jerk reaction of completely ousting social media sites and cell phone usage altogether, consider the following.  If your business and organization thrives off of technological innovation and creativity, restricting your employee's access to their gadgets may actually hinder their daily inspiration.  If transparency and honesty is encouraged alongside your flexible policy, it's likely that team members will feel trusted by leadership and will ultimately be good stewards of the company's time and respectful of their colleagues.

Allow Check-Ins

For nearly everyone working the traditional 8-to-5 day, they spend significantly more of their waking hours at the office than at home with their families.  Allowing your employees the freedom to check in with their kids once in a while or follow up with the doctor with a quick call during office hours may help communicate the message that you care about them as employees and as people.

Be Mindful of Customers

If your team is customer-facing, a lax technology policy may not be right for you. No one likes to walk into their bank and feel ignored by the staff who are busy browsing Pinterest or Snapchatting their buddies. But by allowing them full use of their devices on their breaks, you can help make them feel connected to their families periodically throughout the day.  

What is your stance on personal technology in the workplace?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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