Certificates in the Digital Age: Why They Are Still Relevant

May 9, 2023 Amy McNeel

Certificates in the Digital Age: Why They Are Still Relevant

When you’re at work, you’re on your computer. When you’re at home, you’re on your phone. In-between, you’re connected to your car’s Bluetooth listening to true crime podcasts or that random “moody mix” that Spotify customizes just for you every day (Okay, maybe that last part is just me). The truth of the matter is that we are very much in the digital age, with our noses always in a screen.

With our day-to-day so focused on the digital realm, it’s important to break the mold when celebrating achievements or recognizing greatness. That’s where certificates come into play – they are the tangible, classic, yet highly valued award that does the trick every dang time.

How to Spice Up Your Certificate Game 

Make it Special: As I said above, mundane life is now centered around (even controlled by) technology. Whether we are communicating through teams, writing emails, creating web designs, or digging though reports, the internet is KING. And sure, it would be easy to award your employees the same way – through the internet – but what’s the fun in that?

After spending hours every day on the web, an in-person, tangible award becomes something extra special – sought after, even. It’s something that takes up physical space and reminds people that they are more than that “dot dot dot” on the other side of a text message or Slack chat. The key takeaway? Tangibility is more special than ever before.

Make it Personal: The beauty of a certificate is that the personalization options are endddddlllllleeeeeesssssssssss (see what I did there?). And that’s important because personalization is the key to an award that really means something. I mean, face it. Emily doesn’t want to receive the same exact award as Jenny, or Mike, and especially not John. Sorry, John. But when awards are the same for everyone, the value goes WAY DOWN. You want to make your recipient feel special, so make your certificate special!

There are many ways to personalize. From the paper, the sentiment and design, the folder, the seal, and so much more. And if you aren’t quite sure on which titles to you, we have a list of great ones that won’t disappoint.

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Make it Display-Worthy: Employees love to customize their office spaces. It’s just a fact of office life. And something I love about certificates is that they can be just that – displayed proudly. But the thing about certificates is that when they are displayed, they are more than just decoration. They are a daily reminder of recognition.

Every time an employee sees the certificate on the wall, it’s an encourager, a motivator, and a reminder of their hard work. Basically, it’s an award that keeps on giving. So if you want to create a super special certificate fit for an extra special display, consider pairing it with an quality frame – perfect for the corner suite.

While the work and wonder of day-to-day life has largely shifted to the digital realm, certificate awards have stood the test of time. Sometimes they are just the thing needed to share gratitude, to highlight incredible achievements, and to make someone feel just a little bit special. And they do all that at an INCREDIBLE value (did someone say bang for your buck??). So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get awarding!

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