Curated & Custom Swag Box

November 17, 2021 Scott Gillis

Curated & Custom Swag Box Ideas

Company swag ideas are branded items to give to employees that promote the organization. Our Delightly Curated Boxes are perfect in some cases for what you want to gift your employees. Other times you may be looking for a Swag Box that has more of a personal touch. Great swag has the potential to engage, delight and endear: the trick is finding products people will want to keep!

Below are a couple of ready to ship Delightly Swag Boxes that we can personalize in house. Having a touch of personalization can help contribute to company culture making employees feel like part of the community.

Delightly: Reach For The Stars Kit

 How do you keep your teams feeling appreciated and inspired? Well, this kit is a great place to start! Includes: Travel mug, journal, pen, tea, and protein bar. Personalize the 12oz double wall mug on the handle and send a personalized card along with your gift.

Delightly: Coded For Success

Having a hard time telling them how awesome they are? With this coded for success kit, you've got the perfect message of gratitude for the tech-lover in your life! Personalize the 22oz stainless steel tumbler to give your teammate a gift with the right touch.

If our boxes that are pre-curated don't stand out as the best option for your gift giving needs, we offer completely custom options through our Custom Concierge service. We will take your logo, budget, and timeline to curate a unique swag box that best represents your brand. Just fill out the form at the link and we will get started.

Our largest client Lockheed Martin took advantage of this service to (stellar) results:

We have additional examples below of (custom swag boxes) that show what our fantastic team can source and curate to make your gift giving experience one-of-a kind to your specific brand.           


The best corporate swag ideas for employees are products that are useful yet fun. Anyone can slap a company name on a tote bag or notebook, yet staff will be more excited to receive unexpected gifts that show creativity and style. It can enhance collaboration and teamwork. Companies are constantly buying employee swag throughout the year not just for new hires, but for full-time employees as well. Constantly gifting employees with new swag makes people feel rewarded for a job well done. 

Whether you're looking for a unique way to host a virtual event, launch a new program, appreciate your team or deliver incredible year-end gifts to clients and staff, our custom swag boxes are your go-to solution.

These are just a small sample of what we can offer. If you want us to source something specific to your brand and within your budget, we'll pair you with a dedicated account manager to unlock the perfect fit. We always strive to help you tell a story with your gift giving experience.

Interested in chatting with your rep? Find your account manager here - and they'll touch base with you to find a good time to discuss your vision!

We've had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations to develop a branded, special experience for their team. We appreciate their trust in finding the perfect fit, and we're so excited to highlight how they turned out!

Whether you're just dipping your toe into the custom experience, or you're an old hand at it, we know that together we can pair up to make an amazing impact for you and your organization!


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