Customer Service Appreciation Ideas

September 30, 2009

Customer Service Week starts on Monday, October 5! Hopefully you're nearly complete with your planning, but in case you're behind, here are a few extra tips to inspire you. We'll be Twittering and blogging frequently next week to let you know how Baudville is celebrating the week, so stay tuned! 


Customer Service representatives make up the face of your organization. They communicate with customers first hand, and it is often based on their interaction that repeat business comes or goes. That’s why recognizing this group of hard working employees is so important! 


For a few customer service appreciation ideas, we went directly to Baudville’s stellar Customer Service Representatives and asked them about meaningful and motivating recognition they have received in the past. 


Personalized and individual recognition. A memorable customer service appreciation idea is to give personalized recognition. Knowing your employees’ recognition preferences is key to effective and motivating recognition. When picking a gift for your team, select something that comes in a variety of options. For example, give each employee a candy bar, but buy a selection so they can choose their favorite. 


“I had a manager in the past who gave everyone the same, beautiful scarf Christmas gift. But she took the time to pick out the color that she knew the recipient liked and what she thought they would look best in.  It was great, because someone took the time to learn about them.”
- Dawn 


Share the good news. Around Baudville, one of our favorite customer service appreciation ideas is to share positive customer feedback. When our CEO receives an email or a letter from a customer praising one of our Customer Service Representatives, he shares it with the rest of the company. Simply forwarding an email has a big impression on the employees. 


“The one thing that will always stick out for me is when a customer of mine emailed Brad about how good of a job I did with her order and how I helped her with her event.  Not only did Brad congratulate me in person with Kurt and Brenda in the room and give me a gift, but he also forwarded the email to the entire staff.  The gift was great, but the email to the staff really made me feel appreciated.  I then received numerous emails from coworkers who I barely saw, much less spoke to on a daily basis, congratulating me about what I did.  Sometimes the smallest things, like a quick email, can make someone’s day……I know for sure it made mine!!”
- Missy 


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