Customer Service Week Left Us Feeling Cool, Calm, and Collected.

October 13, 2014


I have been lucky enough to be a part of three Customer Service Week celebrations at the 'ville.  I can tell you, they are always highly anticipated and definitely don’t disappoint! This year’s Customer Service Week was no different. A spirit committee was in charge of everything from planning the theme, and activities to carrying them out. Let me tell you, they really put the "zing" in amazing!


In typical Baudville fashion, the week started with a theme.  This year’s CSW theme was "Keep Calm and Enjoy Customer Service Week." That, of course, meant that we were in for a relaxing week ahead. The busy holiday season is right around the corner so we welcomed the calming atmosphere!


Here is what the spirit committee planned for us:


Monday: We were rewarded with a casual week – what a great way to help us feel relaxed and comfortable! Coffee with flavored cream and an assortment of hot tea and hot chocolate greeted us on the way in. Did you know that wrapping your hands around something warm can calm your nerves – who knew?  There were also baskets full of fun games and treats spread throughout the building to help break up the day and help keep us calm. One of our meeting rooms was transformed into a relaxation room, where you could enjoy fifteen minutes of silence, chocolate, candlelight, and the soothing sounds of a waterfall. Sounds amazing right? Not to brag, but, it was.


Tuesday: In honor of the Art Prize, the art festival that is currently taking place in downtown Grand Rapids, we had a friendly team art competition. Each team was given a mystery bag that contained play dough, office supplies, and some art and craft supplies. The teams were given 20 minutes to collaborate and construct their masterpiece.  I must say, some of them were really impressive and may have given some of the Art Prize contestants a run for their money! Playing games has been known to relieve stress and improve brain function.


Wednesday: I would have to say, this was my favorite day of Customer Service Week.  Why?  One word: massages. Massage therapists from Urban Massage spent the entire day making sure everyone at Baudville left feeling less tense than when they came.  I had to resist the urge to fall asleep at my desk after my massage, so I think they were successful!


Thursday: When we arrived at the office on Thursday, we had a surprise waiting for us. Glass, mason jar mugs with the saying "Keep Calm and Enjoy Customer Service Week" were on each of our desks.  Inside the mug was a note telling us to keep or mug handy for the afternoon as there would be a sweet treat in store that afternoon. The spirit team delivered ice cream sundaes and root beer floats to our desks! The ice cream sundaes were a great afternoon pick me up!


Friday: On the last day of Customer Service Week, Baudville brought in some comfort food for us! They had a local restaurant called Uncle Cheetah’s cater in soup, salad, and rolls for lunch.  On a cold October day in Michigan, hot soup and warm rolls really hit the spot!


Customer Service Week was absolutely amazing this year and the spirit committee really knocked it out of the park.  Sending a big thank you to them for all of their hard work.  And most importantly, sending a big thank you to our customer service team for knocking it out of the park day in and day out! 




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