Do You Want Your Team To Feel Appreciated?

May 13, 2015





If you were to throw me up on a stage, I'd probably steal the show - but if you asked, Greg, one of our outbound sales reps, he'd laugh and say, "NO WAY!" My point? We all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being in the spotlight. So when you are thinking about recognizing someone, be sure to recognize them the right way... The right way for them, that is!

  • Forget One-Size-Fits-All; Say Thanks 100 Ways! Probably one of the toughest challenges to giving employee recognition is figuring out how to tailor it to each individual. If everyone gets the same gift, sure you’re acknowledging your entire team, but failing to appreciate what makes each member special and unique. Shopping for everyone separately doesn’t sound very practical. It actually sounds tedious and time consuming. Unless you’re shopping smart with these expert ideas!
  • Highlight Individual Traits. Check out our Character Pins page and you’ll find hundreds of pins—each with a special story to showcase different personalities and behaviors on your team. All in one place, you can find keepsake gifts that show appreciation for the value each individual brings. Your team members will proudly display their unique-to-them pins, and know that attention and thoughtfulness went into selecting them.
  • Recognize Life Events. Birthdays and service anniversaries are opportunities to celebrate individuals without unnaturally singling one person out. One person’s special day is another’s tomorrow. Keeping a greeting card assortment on hand ensures you’re prepared for those days, and, because they contain a variety of designs and sayings, you’re not giving everyone the same card.
  • Encourage Growth. While individuality has its value, those who have range and flexibility in their abilities will be able to contribute more to your business. You can help them become more diverse in their talents by giving them incentives to broaden their skills and behaviors. Badges of Greatness are ideal for building a well-rounded team because they highlight the traits you value and want your employees to strive for. By making them collectible, you encourage everyone to step up to new challenges.

  • Do It All With Appreciation. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you want your team to feel appreciated—tell them they’re appreciated! A theme like You Are Truly Appreciated is gender and generation neutral, with a simple, straightforward sentiment. Choose different items from the theme to make your gifts personal while still keeping consistent with your message.


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