Don’t Forget to Celebrate Boss’s Day on Monday!

October 14, 2011

Employees enjoy lots of recognition holidays throughout the year. In early March, there’s Employee Appreciation Day. In October, we celebrate Customer Service Week. Throughout the year, different industries and professions have their own holidays, such as National Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and even Doctor’s Day.

Sometimes bosses get left out because they’re so busy planning the recognition! Thankfully, October has a day just for them.

Boss’s Day is celebrated annually on October 16th. Because that falls on a Sunday this year, you should plan to recognize your boss on Monday.  Here are a few of our suggestions for Boss’s Day celebrations:

 Send an ePraise  –for free!
 Make your boss’s favorite baked good.
 Take your boss out to lunch, your treat!
 Buy your boss a new coffee cup.
 Bring your boss a fresh cup of coffee from a local coffee shop first thing in the morning.
 Write a thank you to your boss expressing your appreciation.
 Personalize a gift for your boss’s desktop.

Last year, my co-worker and I put together some goodies for our manager and treated her to lunch. Not only did she feel appreciated, but it was a great opportunity for our team to build camaraderie.


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