Don’t Just Be Good, Be Effective.

April 29, 2015

Looking for ways to develop techniques to become a more effective manager? Have you recently moved into a new manager role and need a kick start? Or maybe you want to offer every manager in your team a guide to create healthy habits and be an effective leader! From the brand new manager to the guy in the corner office who’s been there since the water cooler, we all could use a little kick in the butt to be better!


I did a little dirty work for you and am breaking down our top tips for managers—and why I think this is a must-have tool for your office, not just for new managers.


  • As a manager, you have the power to set the tone for each day. What is your attitude saying to your team? Even an expression as simple as a smile can have a big impact, antd it’s contagious. Share it and see what happens!

    IMG_9076Recognizing becomes more instinctive once you start paying attention and responding to what’s happening around you. Observe your team by opening your eyes and ears, then reflecting on what you’ve seen and heard.
  • How well do you know your team? By learning more about them both personally and professionally, you can build relationships, and inform yourself at the same time. Take a walk around your department and check in with different team members. Remember, you can be friendly while still maintaining your authority.
  • The most effective teams are made up of diverse personalities and talents. Do you know what you team member’s strengths are? Dedication, optimism, teamwork, loyalty, leadership, creativity, and goodwill are all important characteristics that contribute to your organizations success. 
  • Don’t forget that verbal praise and appreciation are also effective. See how your words make an impact by trying it over a few days. Make your praise effective with these tips: be prompt, be specific, be sincere and be fair!
  • Impromptu celebrations for special occasions or just because make great pick-me-ups. The time it takes for a short break will pay off with increased energy in the long run. Pick up a treat and gather your team in a common area or meeting room. You can use this time to express your appreciation to everyone as a whole. 

  • While group interactions are important for building camaraderie, individual moments of face time with you give your staff the opportunity to share and be heard. Have you had one-on-one meetings with your team members? If you haven’t already, set up regular times for these meetings, even if they’re only once a month.

Have no fear, Managers! You’ll be a recognition guru before you know it. And I guarantee with a go-getter attitude you’re not just going to be good, you’ll be an effective manager as well!

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