Down the Road to Employee Engagement

September 11, 2009

Employee engagement has been a hot topic lately as companies look to fire up the troops and generate a positive attitude and positive results. With so many blog entries, tweets and articles popping up about employee engagement, one can’t help but ask, is this simply the latest fad? And how do I get some employee engagement in my organization? 

There’s no question about it, employee engagement is no here today, gone tomorrow fad. The Gallup Organization has shown employee engagement to be a key to success. Engaged workforces make more money, save more money, are more innovative and more productive than lesser engaged workforces. Need an example? 

  • Best Buy claims than a 2% increase in employee engagement corresponds to, on average, $100,000 annual rise in store sales. 
  • Campbell Soup Inc, after a devastating Gallup review, raised employee engagement scores from 62% of managers not actively engaged in their jobs to 68% actively engaged. In turn, investors enjoyed a 30% increase on their Campbell’s stock. 

So how does one tap this magical resource of employee engagement? Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to improving employee engagement. It takes a lot of hard work by both the employer and the employee. That’s right, employee engagement is a two way street. 

To start down the path to engaged employees, management and staff must engage in active communication. Managers should let employees know what’s working and what needs work and vice versa. 

At Baudville, we feel strongly that day-to-day recognition is a powerful way to provide regular positive feedback. Even Businessweek finds it’s smart to be positive and optimistic in the workplace. So get some note cards, send a few ePraise cards, and start recognizing the behaviors that contribute to your organization’s success. The more you recognize specific behaviors and attitudes, the more they’ll pop up in the day-to-day routine. 

We have a white paper on day-to-day recognition that focuses on employee engagement. Download it for free from our Recognition Resource Center

Learn more in Baudville's White Paper 



Cori is a Certified Recognition Professional at Baudville and a member of the Millennial generation. In addition to writing for the Baudville blog, she’s taking on the task of flooding the Twitterverse with positive mojo. Find out more - and join her cause! - at using the hash tag #positivemojo. 


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