Employee Recognition Ideas for a Snow Day

December 12, 2009

Located in West Michigan, Baudville often experiences lake effect snow storms during the winter months. This makes the driving conditions slow and dangerous and the wind is cold and brutal. Yet employees make the trek into work, often leaving incredibly early to make it in on time. 

Is that dedication or what? 

Our company is really good at recognizing the effort it takes to get to work on such a snowy day, and this week has been no different. The local meteorologists predicted the onslaught of a blizzard yesterday afternoon, so employees were given a casual day. Casual days are highly coveted around Baudville, and they give employees the ability to wear jeans for the day. 

Today, the snow really hit, and many of us woke to 6 inches of snow or more in our driveways. The snowing and blowing have continued all day, so the company treated employees to lunch and delivered sandwiches for everyone. Employees don’t have to drive in the poor conditions and receive a treat for making it into work. 

Although the weather is frightful, it truly is delightful inside Baudville. 

Regardless of your location, your employees face challenges that make it difficult to get to work. Recognize their efforts, and their dedication will grow. 

 Here are some employee recognition ideas you can use on your own “snow day.” 

  • Give a casual day
  • Provide lunch or a treat
  • Brush the snow off employees’ cars
  • Write thank you cards to express your appreciation
  • Warm up with a team building activity
  • Give employees an extra 15 minutes at lunch or break to relax

These are some pictures taken at Baudville this morning. You can tell we have a lot of snow! 

Recognize Employee Efforts with Holiday Gifts Recognize Employee Efforts with Holiday Gifts 

Recognize Employee Efforts with Holiday Gifts Recognize Employee Efforts with Holiday Gifts 

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