ePraise is Back in Action! Free ecards at Baudville.com

August 3, 2009

If you’ve known Baudville for a while – ok, maybe a LONG while – then you remember a program we used to offer customers called ePraise. ePraise was a pioneer ecard program of interoffice ecards designed to recognize, thank and congratulate co-workers. 

Baudville is pleased to announce the return of ePraise FREE on Baudville.com!!!!!!! We hope the service will encourage more companies, managers and employees to do recognition daily.  For the official announcement, you can read the press release in our News Room

We hope you’ll enjoy using our exclusive ecards in addition to your in-house recognition program. While we like the convenience of sending an ecard to a co-worker, we know that you get more miles out of you’re your recognition if you deliver a tangible handwritten note that the recipient can display. 

If you were to visit Baudville (and we hope you do!), you’d see employee desks plastered with certificates, thank you cards standing in a row, and appreciation awards in proudly posted displays. We see the value of daily recognition every day in the office of positive mojo. Interested in bringing some to work with you? No problem. 

Start with ePraise and let others catch the recognition bug, then slowly expand your program to a Kit and Caboodle, or some note cards in your favorite theme. Watch the culture and attitudes around you grow a little more positive with each kudos you deliver.  Before you know it, your office will be known for its positive mojo, too!! 

Enjoy ePraise and keep doing it daily! Here's a couple examples of the new ecards and fresh designs available on ePraise

Free ecards on Baudville.com 

Free ecards on Baudville.com       Free ecards on Baudville.com

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