Fascinating Finds: Five Quick Reads to Help Build Better Teams

September 24, 2015

I’ve spent the last several weeks analyzing teamwork, and considering what makes some teams work and other teams fail. It seems fitting that I continue on this path—after all, we can’t have too much information on this ever-elusive objective. For this month’s Five Fascinating Finds, I’m sharing a variety of great reads covering just about every facet of teamwork. Check them out:


1. Of course, this first article, “How to Inspire Teamwork,” stood out to me because I have been talking about how football represents some of the most important aspects of teamwork. It opens with this quote by Vince Lombardi, former head coach of the Green Bay Packers: “Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” It continues by going into greater detail about why sports teams exemplify successful collaboration—and how you can get some of that energy for your own team.

2. In “Three Ways to Encourage Smarter Teamwork,” the skills they cite as being crucial to effective teamwork also have something else in common: they’re all about communication in one form or another. Whether it’s listening, giving feedback, or seeking input, they all support healthy and productive exchanges that can lead to improved teamwork.    


3. We often hear of individuals’ reluctance or even resistance to working on teams. Some of the biggest objections come from those who are either prone to doing all the work or are somehow manipulated into doing the majority of it. It’s not really teamwork, then, and those targets have good reasons to object. If you’ve ever felt this way, this article, “Five Ways to Be a Team Player Without Turning Into a Doormat,” is the read for you.

4. We’ve probably all experienced a teamwork situation within our immediate group of co-workers. Because we’re familiar with their personalities and know their strengths and working styles, it makes the whole interaction easier to navigate. But what if you’re put on a team with strangers? Or, you’re a new hire trying to assimilate with an already established team? Read “Eight Teamwork Tips for Working with Unfamiliar Co-Workers” to gain some thoughtful insights.    

5. Speaking of new hires, the recruiting process is an ideal time to ensure you’re populating your department with team players. “How to Interview: Recruiting Team Players” provides a modern take on the qualities to look for and example questions you can ask during an interview. With these as a guideline, you should be able to uncover who appreciates working together and who prefers to go solo.


So, what do you think of this month’s selections? Which of the articles resonated most with you? Tell us in the comments section!

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