Five Ideas for National Physician's Assistant Week – October 6-12, 2013

October 2, 2013

The first class of Physician's Assistants graduated from Duke University on October 6, 1967. Since that time, the week of October 6th has been set aside as a time to pause, celebrate, and appreciate the invaluable asset that Physician Assistants are to Physicians and General Practitioners.

So who are PAs, and what do they do? PAs practice medicine under the direction of Physicians and Surgeons. Their formal training allows them to examine patients, diagnose injuries and illnesses, and provide treatment. Busy physicians and surgeons rely on their PAs for help with the ins and outs of daily medical practice. PAs save the day time and time again, so let's celebrate their hard work!

Here are 5 great ideas for celebrating National Physician's Assistant Week!

Superhero in Scrubs Lapel Pin 1. Spread the word!
ow awesome would it be if the PAs in your office were appreciated not only by the Docs, but also by the patients? Hang posters or signs all around your office celebrating PA Week and leave baskets of
Pocket Praise by each poster to encourage on-the-spot, sincere appreciation from Docs, staff, and patients alike!

2. Send the surprise home!
National PA Week may be a time when your PAs expect to get some love in the office. Why not surprise them (and their family) with a gift delivered straight to their door?! Try sending a nice bouquet of flowers to their home, or mail a
personal greeting card with a gift card to a nice restaurant or tickets to the local theatre that they can enjoy with their loved ones.

3. Start the day off right.
Show your appreciation for your hard-working PAs by catering a morning breakfast buffet. Bring in a local chef to set up a build-your-own omelet station, offer fresh fruit, and play barista for the morning preparing
lattes, cappuccinos, and more!

4. Theme it!
If you plan to celebrate all week long, start your celebration off with a theme to make each day's events easier to execute. Check out all of our
healthcare-related themes and build raffles, scavenger hunts, team events, and recognition moments around your favorite one!

5. Be sincere.
The #1 recognition faux paus we see time and time again, is lack of sincerity. When giving your appreciation, even if in a casual setting, prepare your message, call out each staff member whether in
a hand-written note or a verbal thank you with a personal thought of why you appreciate their work. Above all else, this is the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake, and the one thing that can make or break the power of recognition in your office. For more tips and tricks on what to say and how to say it, check out our free download: Sample Employee Recognition Messages for Every Recognition Occasion.


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