Five Ways to Keep Your Low Performers Enagaged

September 8, 2016 Maggie


Do your employees seem to have a case of the Mondays every day?

Keeping employees engaged and performing at a high level can be a challenge! But research has shown that engaged employees perform better and are less likely to leave or burn out. So, what can managers do to keep employees involved and encouraged?

  1. Celebrate what your employee is doing well. It is often easiest for managers to focus on what an employee is not doing so well, but concentrating on what an employee is excited and passionate about will be more impactful. Drop them a note to thank them for their efforts on a recent project or task.
  2. Empower your employee. In order to know the full potential an employee has, a manager must empower them to discover it. Employees engage when they are empowered to explore endless possibilities.
  3. Be consistent as a leader. Employees become disengaged when they feel leadership is playing mind games and being inconsistent in their approach. Don’t be shady! Make sure that you are consistent in the way you approach your employees.
  4. Offer contests. Everyone is different in how they feel motivated, but some just need that extra push to get going! A fun way to get a team motivated is through a little healthy competition with rewards of $$$, PTO days or one of these adorable shelfies to brighten your day.
  5. Provide extra training. While it may be a lack of motivation, sometimes employees just need extra training. Providing employees with the opportunities to acquire the skills and expertise needed to improve their performance includes investing in training that turns their weaknesses into strengths.

Team Building Ideas to Motivate, Engage, and Encourage

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