Four Simple Steps that Make Giving Award Certificates a Breeze!

April 2, 2013

Award season is upon us, and if you’re feeling the weight of it—take a deep breath! We’re here to remove the pressure with our expert tips for giving award certificates. Just follow these steps!

  1. Choose a Certificate Paper and Coordinating Folder. What’s the occasion? If your award ceremony or celebration is centered around a special achievement, event, or milestone, our foil-stamped certificate papers are a convenient option. Many styles come pre-printed with the most popular award titles—just choose the one that suits your occasion and you’re on your way. Pair it with a matching foil-stamped folder for a polished presentation; or, for ultimate ease and affordability, try our certificate bundles.

    Picture of Certificate Bundle

    Looking for a more traditional presentation? Our scallop certificate paper is our absolute best-seller, so you can rest assured that you’re giving an award certificate that your recipients will be proud to display.
  2. Make It Look Like a Million Kudos. You’ve ordered a certificate paper and presentation option that you love…now what? Your next step for making a flawless delivery is to make sure they look professional. Our free certificate templates are available for every paper we sell and ensure an easy and precise result. Templates are arranged by the paper design, and some come in both portrait and landscape options. Click here to see them all!

    Picture of Finished Certificate
  3. Match the Message with the Moment. Whether you’ve selected a certificate paper with a pre-printed title or not, you’ll want the sentiment on the award certificate to be consistent with the reason for giving it. Need some inspiration? We have just the free downloads you need to send a message that sings. Try our sample Award Certificate Titles and Employee Recognition Messages, or check out the popular verses we use for our award trophies.
  4. Present it with Panache. RecogNation, our free resource center, is filled with articles that share tips and ideas from preparing your award presentations through giving them. Our two favorites are: Five Tips for Recognizing with Award Certificates and Memorable and Effective Award Presentation Tips. Read up and you’ll be a pro in no time! Plus, your awardees will feel truly honored—and that’s what matters most!

    Picture of Cheering Crowd

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