Fun at the Ville: Recognizing an Out of the Box Thinker

April 12, 2016 Audrey

In Fun at the Ville, we take a peek inside our organization and share some of the recognition stories that happen within our walls on a daily basis. In this edition, our CEO, Brad Darooge, was caught in the act of appreciation. What’s more, he recognized an employee that disagreed with him, congratulating her perseverance and success!

The Recognizer:


The Recogniz-ee:


As a veteran Baudvillian, Kimberly’s taken our website, blog, and whole freakin’ online presence from ‘eh to excellent! She also bakes on the reg and is always up for a laugh. Aside from all this awesomeness, she’s an employee that’s always thinking outside of the box for solutions and innovations to bring our organization one step higher.

Here’s the story from our very own commander in chief:   

What did the person do to receive the recognition?

Kim fought hard to test some new web technology which initially was viewed with great suspicion by leadership – rather than folding the tent and taking the easy road, Kim really dug in and committed to the project.  In the end the technology was a huge win for the company and would never have “made it” without her leadership!

What did you do to recognize them?

First and foremost we shined a big light with our entire management team on Kim’s example of perseverance. I really wanted everyone to hear how sometimes the path can be rocky but in the end the great outcomes were worth the struggle. We also produced a custom certificate for Kim entitling her to points on our On PO!NT recognition platform so she could choose a personal reward to commemorate her achievement. 

How did you determine what you were going to do for them?

We knew we wanted to make it public and we wanted to reward her efforts.  Our weekly management meeting was the perfect forum for the public party and our digital platform proved the ideal way to allow Kim to control what her reward was.

When did you recognize them (time span after event)?

We waited until all the data was in so we could accurately “tell the story” and then had our big Ta-Da.  While timely recognition is critical – so too is having the full story.

Anything else you want to say!

Marrying a good ole fashioned atta’ boy with the latest in recognition technology proved to be the perfect recipe to commemorate Kim’s great achievement.  We hope her story inspires others in our organization to Think Big and Persevere!!

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Audrey is brand spankin’ new to the ‘ville (that’s what they call Baudville around these parts). As the new Marketing Coordinator, she'll be talking printer-ese, corralling creatives for our catalogs, and writing headlines and blog posts about Baudville’s #1 passion, employee recognition!

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