Fun New Ways to Make Peer-to-Peer Recognition Work For You

June 9, 2016 Abby


Whether this is your first time to the Baudville Blog or you’ve been faithfully following along since our humble beginnings, you should know that we’re in the business of appreciation (and helping others do the same).  Recognition around the office doesn’t have to be a premeditated extravagant event.  Sometimes a simple note or high five can give a team member a much needed boost of energy.  Managers obviously play a huge role in the motivation of their direct reports, but not exclusively!  Peer-to-Peer recognition can jumpstart team morale, and promote positive mojo. 

Don’t hear what I’m not saying.  Appreciation from managers for a job well down is absolutely essential to the job satisfaction of nearly every employee.  But generally speaking, people want a pat on the back or two from those who are in the trenches with them every day: their peers.  Check out some of our favorite (and newest) ways to celebrate the hard work of your fellow comrades!
Office Lotto Tickets: How whimsical are these little guys? I’d venture to guess that no one will avoid cracking a smile when a “You’re Better than Bacon” message shows up on their desk. 
Pop for Praise: Make your praise pop! Write your note of appreciation, roll it up and place it in a balloon.  Stick it to your noteworthy colleague’s desk and have them Pop for Praise!

Tiny Notes:  Call me a simpleton, but this is my go-to form of gratitude.  A short handwritten note is my favorite way to share a personal note of appreciation.  Pocket-sized praise can make a huge impact!
Give them a Shout Out:  Need an appreciation tool at the ready for spontaneous gratitude? Tear off a sheet and sing (or write) their praises and post your shout out in a public place!

How do you like to recognize the rockstars around you?  Share with us your most creative ways to appreciate!

Abby moved to the great state of Michigan and joined the Baudville team as the Digital Marketing Coordinator in 2016. An admitted social media fanatic and grammar-lover, she's excited to play to her strengths by contributing to Baudville's blog, social media channels and e-marketing efforts.


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