Get your Lesson Plans Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week!

April 25, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week is quickly approaching. If you haven't thought about what to do for this special week to honor the educators in your lives, we are here to help!


We have plenty of education gifts to offer. My personal favorite is our drinkware, many of which feature teacher appreciation sentiments.  We also have many low cost and DIY teacher gifts on our Pinterest page. Trust me, they are worth checking out if you love to get crafty!


I also recently learned from a co-worker, that not all teachers are celebrated during National Teacher Appreciation Week. Instead, each school may have set aside their own separate week to celebrate teachers. Or, students wait to give their teachers gifts at the end of the year to thank them for their endless patience and the copious amounts of knowledge they have passed along. The point I am trying to make is that it doesn't matter when you celebrate the educators in your life, just make sure they know that all of their hard work has not gone unnoticed!


Take a second and just think about your favorite teacher or teachers you had in school. Did you thank them enough for all of the things they taught you and let them know the impact they had on your life? If given the chance, would you go back and let them know now? Don't miss the chance to thank your child's favorite teacher or the people in your life who dedicate their lives to educating young minds!

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