Get Your Party On and Celebrate Employee Birthdays

October 24, 2017 Alyssa Karhan


We’re sure you already know this, but sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impressions.


Celebrate employee birthdays with gifts and events 


One of our favorite customer stories is a case study we did on a local assisted living facility that struggled with high turnover and low morale. When we talked to the employees, we learned—a little to our surprise—that one of the most meaningful expressions of recognition was the celebration of employee birthdays. That’s easy, we thought.


Except that the company wasn’t celebrating them! (Boo. ☹) 


Our answer? Equip managers with birthday cards! Plus, we encouraged them to celebrate with everyone on the team. Then, we sat back and watched the magic happen.


You see, when people work for a company, they want to feel a part of it. They want to feel acknowledged and affirmed. The bonds we form with our peers and colleagues combined with the respect and affirmation we feel from managers and bosses has a profound impact.


Why do you think that is? No one wants to feel like a number (unless it's #1, that is). When you celebrate, award, and recognize your employees, you’re telling them they matter. That they’re special. And that they’re acknowledged for being part of your big picture.


Whether your organization is big or small, you can benefit from making closer connections with your employees. The pride they feel in knowing their company cares is much more meaningful than you think.


So…what are you waiting for? Celebrate birthdays (and other important life events) at work with greeting cards, treats, and maybe even some confetti! Don't forget to get the whole team involved—have them sign the card and include a celebratory note. And, if you want to go the extra mile, ask everyone to pitch in to buy a little something. It doesn't have to be big. Because as the saying goes: "It's the thought that counts." Truly.

P.S. Check out our Birthday Pinterest board for more ideas for celebrating your coworkers on their special day! 


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