Happy Left Hander's Day!

August 13, 2014


Today we celebrate 10% of the population, the right brained, the odd men/women out: the lefties! They may be oddballs but they do have a special day dedicated to them.


We decided to poll some of our left-handed Baudvillians to find out the good, bad, and the ugly things that come with being a leftie.

Here's what they said…


• We're unique.
• Lefties are better at adapting to situations, since we have been asked to since school-age.
• We are right-brained, so we are always in our right frame of mind!
• In sports we have an advantage.  Left handed batters and pitchers are sought after in baseball.
• We are better artists and more creative.
• We have our own day (Left Hander's Day)!
• We have a different outlook on life: we see, hear, and interpret things differently.
• Lefties are just COOL.

• Writing with pencil.  When we go across the page, our hand smudges all the graphite.  (Erasable ink was the same way).
• We have to use our non-dominant hand during thumb wars (the battle of bravery, agility, and strength).
• Bumping elbows while eating alongside someone (the feared chicken wing).
• My mouse on my desktop actually makes my wrist hurt.  So I switched it to the left side, but then when someone comes to my desk, they always complain about my mouse being on the wrong side.
• My hand-writing is not beautiful, I purposely write in all caps to make it legible.


• Writing in spiral notebooks is painful.
• Can openers and scissors make my hands ache!
• I dislike when people say, "You are using the 'wrong' hand."
• Those AWFUL desks causing lefties to either sit awkwardly or curve their wrist in an unnatural fashion.
• Being tormented by others for being left-handed (the devil's hand).


If you're a left hander, you can probably relate to many of these comments, but we hope all the good outweighs the bad and ugly.  Happy Left Hander's Day to all of you unique, right-brained, cool cats out there! Enjoy your special day!

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