Healthy Appetizers for the Next Office Holiday Potluck

December 16, 2016 Maggie


Appetizers.jpgWith the holiday season comes all the cookies, chocolates, and candies one could ever want. But that also brings a higher number on the scale and tighter pants. So, for your next office holiday party check out these healthy dishes to pass.



  1. Greek Yogurt Onion Dip. Bring a veggie spread with a low-calorie, low-fat dip made with Greek yogurt.
  2. Mini corn dogs. Cause who don’t love a little pig in a blanket? With this healthy version, two of these have fewer calories than one classic corn dog.Mini corn dogs.jpg
  3. Kale and Artichoke Dip. This classic spinach artichoke dip gets an easy upgrade with everyone's favorite superfood, kale.Kale dip.jpg
  4. Five Layer Mexican Dip. Filled with corn, beans, avocado, this delish dish is one to please!mexican dip.jpg
  5. Baked Coconut Shrimp. Make a baked version of your favorite fried foods because you get all the flavor without all the added calories.Coconut.jpg


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