Healthy Eating Habits in the New Year

January 6, 2021 Jules DeLeo

Healthy Eating Habits (Even When the Kitchen Pantry Beckons)

It’s tough coming off the holiday binge fest…like, really hard. Even though weeks have passed, the temptations linger and stand in the way of healthy eating habits. And, as we continue to work from home, the pantry beckons us at every moment, like kitchen Sirens with their enchanting, sugary voices, luring us to eat our way through the winter days.

Before you crash straight into the rocky shores of the pantry or fridge, tune out those evil Sirens, and head for open water! Find a place of neutrality where you can begin a refreshing journey toward wholesome living.


We’ve collected some ideas to help you disregard the Sirens’ lure, stave off the cravings, and get you free sailing toward your 2021 healthy eating goals:


Start With Water

Our bodies need ample H2O to perform at their very best. Bonus—it also serves as a filler, so it’s great to have right before a meal, allowing you to feel fuller faster. Buy yourself a fun, motivational water bottle to keep you on track.


Consider Help

Is there an online figure you admire? Options abound when it comes to influencers who are certified nutritionists and health gurus. Look for free information first (there’s a ton) to see how you do, then decide if it’s worth paying for upgraded assistance.


Plan Ahead

Meal planning and prep is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success. Take some time every weekend to search for healthy recipes, make a menu, shop for ingredients, and prep food that will give you a jump start on your week.


Keep a Journal

Daily accounting of the foods you eat, quantities, and how they make you feel builds food awareness—a key component for creating healthy habits.


Stop and Think

When we’re stuffing our faces with handfuls of chips, we’re not cognizant of our actions; we’re simply feeding a craving. When you grab that bag, stop and think: Do I really want this? Do I really need this? If you decide it is, put a few chips in a bowl instead of eating straight from the bag (portion control).


Diets, be Gone

Change your mindset now. You’re not on a diet; you’re on a quest for healthy living.


Tough Days are Just That—Days

You will falter, and stressful days could mean you overindulge. Know that these are only brief moments in time. Don’t always use this as an excuse, but tomorrow is a new day. Start fresh and feel good about it!


Think About Your Heart

The heart is a muscle the size of your fist. And, it’s no joke that it requires love. Regular exercise, even a quick walk, stimulates feel-good hormones, gets your heart pumping, and can ward off food cravings.


Quit the Night Cheese

A friend told me a story about one of his buddies in Italy who gained a lot of weight because he ate cheese every night. Thus, to lose weight, he had to quit the night cheese. A good rule to follow: Dinner and done!



According to a BBC article, “instead of chastising ourselves, we should practice self-compassion: greater forgiveness of our mistakes, and a deliberate effort to take care of ourselves throughout times of disappointment or embarrassment.” Need I say more other than, “Yes!?”


Incremental Changes

Great things rarely happen overnight. Integrating small, intentional changes in your eating promises the likelihood of long-term success.


Be Patient

Rome was not built in a day, friends. Forming wholesome eating habits is a process and a journey, so be patient. Meditate/pray, find like-minded friends to join you, ditch the self-sabotage, think positive, and love thyself.


Wishing you the best on your healthy eating quest!


At Baudville, we encourage appreciating ourselves and others. Find out more about our philosophies and the ways we bring goodness and joy to the world here.

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