Holiday Team Recognition Gift Ideas

November 4, 2010

The holidays are right around the corner, and managers are already thinking about the perfect holiday gift for 2010. At the end of the year, it’s important to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of your teammates or employees. 

A small act of recognition can boost spirits and motivation for the New Year. If employees don’t feel appreciated, they won’t be as engaged or put forth as much effort. 

As the recognition experts, we’ve learned a lot about holiday team recognition gifts through the years. Here are a few of our top recommendations: 

 Award Certificates
Award certificates are the most affordable way to recognize your team during the holidays. With an award certificate bundle, you can create 50 personalized awards for only $2 each. The award certificate bundle includes everything you need, so creating certificates is easy. 

 Greeting Cards & Sweet Treats
Pair a personalized holiday greeting card with a small gift, like our Sweet Treats, for a tasty treat your employees can enjoy any afternoon. For the greatest impact, write a personal note to each of your employees. 

 Our Most Popular Team Recognition Gift, Spinner Ornaments
If you pride yourself on being a part of the latest trend, then you’ll want to give our Spinner Ornaments for your holiday team recognition gift. Spinner Ornaments have been our most popular holiday gift for several years. Make your unique mark on the gift by personalizing each ornament and writing a personal note on the inside of the gift box. 

We’ve given ornaments to our staff the last few years, and they are becoming a collector’s item among employees! 

 Office-Friendly Gifts
Team recognition gifts that can be used regularly around the office are always well received by employees. Portfolios, travel mugs and gift sets are been popular because most employees can put the gift to good use. As a gift giver, it’s always fun to see your gifts in use! 

 Award Trophies for Major Accomplishments
If you’re celebrating a major accomplishment on your team, celebrate in style! Present award trophies to the team. Customize trophy verses to reference the specific accomplishment and personalize each trophy with the recipient’s name. 

Regardless of what team recognition gift you choose for this year, make your gift personal for each recipient by including a greeting card with a handwritten note. Employees will treasure and remember your kind words! 

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