How Not to Throw a Super Lame Retirement Party

July 22, 2016 Abby

When you receive a retirement party invitation in your inter-office mailbox, what are the first thoughts that run through your head? Grocery store cake? Lukewarm punch? Generic sentiment all around?  Whether an employee has dedicated 20 years to your organization or just the final 5 of their career, retirement is something to celebrate! Make the final days of their career something they will remember for the rest of their life.  Here a few ways to make their party epic!Retire.png

Make it Personal: After working closely with someone for many years, it’s nearly impossible to not know what your honored guest loves.  Patty in purchasing may love flowers and the color purple, while Dan from accounting may love to play golf and travel.  Whatever it is, make sure their unique interests are represented at their retirement shindig! Even the smallest personalized details will make them feel appreciated. Have the party catered by their favorite local restaurant, or make sure the paper plates and napkins are their favorite color.  And don’t forget a personalized gift that they’ll love!

Invite their Family and Friends:  Don’t make their farewell lunch, dinner or drop-in an exclusive affair.  Invite their spouse and their children so they can join in on the festivities! And be sure to thank them for the encouragement and support they’ve provided your employee throughout their tenure with your business. 

Don’t Forget the Sentiment:  Along with a tasteful and meaningful retirement gift, be sure to have everyone write down their best wishes on a card. Consider passing the card off to people who worked with the honored guest many moons ago: It will surely add an element of surprise to their celebration! In addition to thoughtful handwritten notes, set aside some time during the festivities to formally recognize the retiree.  Allow people to share a few kind words, funny stories, or memories with the group to further honor the retiring team member.

Does your organization throw amazing retirement parties?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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