How to Find the Right Fit in an Interview

October 19, 2016 Maggie Kennedy


Every company has its own culture, from the stuffy, button-upped environment to the fun, beer-filled fridge in the cafeteria, everyone’s is different. So, how do you know when interviewing someone if they are going to fit into yours? When we spend more time at work than at home, we want to make sure the people we are with for over 40 hours a week fit in. Check out these four tips to making sure you have found the right cultural fit:

  1. Sometimes being successful at scanning for a cultural fit starts by understanding your current culture. Where does your team kick booty? And in what areas do they ride the struggle bus a bit? One way to easily understand how each of your team mates “ticks” is to request that every member complete a personality test. This will help you as a manger to identify the gaps in your team and see why it is they get along (or not get along) so well.
  2. Invite the candidate to meet with many team members through the interview process. This is not to make the candidate jump through hoops or drag out the process, it is to make sure that the team as a whole supports the new hire decision and is excited to have this person on the team.
  3. Make sure to ask the right questions. Asking open ended, sometimes wacky questions can throw a candidate off guard, but thinking of creative answers can sometimes show their true creativity. If a company prides itself on their creative culture, these types of questions can help see if the candidate would fit in.
  4. As the interviewer, listen to see if they talk about your company’s values in their interview questions. Making sure that these value align with the candidate and the company will help you to see how this person will fit into your culture.

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