How to Host the Ultimate Office Football Potluck

January 23, 2019 Julia Daihl



Do da do daaaaa do da do do do… it’s the final countdown to the highly anticipated football game, which is why you should be hosting a football-themed potluck. It’s not only one of most anticipated events each year in America, but it’s also another reason to have a celebration in the office – which you can never have too many of!   


Here are some tips and inspiration to help you score big in the office with a winning football potluck.


How to Host the Ultimate Office Football Potluck


Office Potluck Football Decoration Ideas

Every good football party has great decorations. Centered around the game, you can have a lot of fun with the décor. Here are some easy ideas that are a must for your office potluck.


DIY Goal Posts


These can be made from a variety of items like PVC pipes, Pringles cans and soda cans, or wooden dowels.


Turf Table Runner


Line up your treats and eats on something that resembles a football field (it's probably the closest you'll get).


Football Banner


Banners are great to hang on the wall above the food. These football ones will tie everything together.


Referee Water Bottle Wraps


We can’t forget about the refs! A simple black and white striped wrap is perfect to decorate water bottles to make them cute and functional!



Football Potluck Dish Ideas

The food is hands down the most important part of a football potluck. Here are three recipes that are sure to be MVDs (Most Valuable Dish).


Bacon Cheeseburger Crock Pot Dip


All the deliciousness of a bacon cheeseburger but in a dip. Do I need to say more?


Ranch Slow Cooker Chex Mix


An irresistible twist on a classic that’s made in a slow cooker – yes please!


Texas Taco Dip


Easy to make the night before and ready to be dipped. Reminds us of a seven-layer dip but better.



Office Potluck Football Game Ideas

Take your Football potluck to the next level in the office and play a game or two. Here are a few games that are simple and fun for the office.


Football Knock Down


Brown solo cups painted to look like footballs stacked up in a pyramid shape and then knocked down with a real football – genius!


Tailgate Word Search


Download these free ones or create your own!


Touchdown Trivia

Test your football knowledge with these football trivia questions.



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