How to Recognize Your Boss on Boss’ Day

October 9, 2014

Boss' Day can be tricky. Do you get your boss a gift? How much do you spend? Do you look like a brown-noser if you get your boss something? Do you look like a jerk if you don't? My gift-giving rule of thumb goes a little like this, when in doubt, get something. You'll never regret being kind. EVER. The gift doesn't have to be something extravagant. Here are a few ideas:

  • Drinkware. Everyone drinks; whether it's coffee, or tea, or ice water. If you don't know your boss well enough to know what strikes her fancy (hint, hint: pay attention), a travel mug or tumbler is a safe bet. And more than likely, it will cost you less than $15. Add a small note of personal thanks and you're good to go!

  • Journal or Notepad. Most of us are note-takers. Running from meeting to meeting, or making weekly or daily to-do lists, we all have the need to jot down some notes. On the first page of the journal or notepad, write a nice message of appreciation to your boss. Tell him what makes him great, or why he's fun to work for, or encourage him to enjoy Boss' Day. Done and done.

  • Gift Pen. Are you noticing a trend here? Bosses like stuff they can use. Find a cool pen with a fun message or design on it. Tie it to a funny or sentimental greeting card and leave it on your Boss' desk as a nice little surprise!

  • Time. Gather the team and surprise your boss with lunch or happy hour in honor of their special day. Not able to get out of work? Set aside 10-15 minutes to gather in a conference room and celebrate the boss with balloons and a dessert bar or mid-afternoon snacks. Ask everyone to bring one memory or favorite trait of the boss to read. Your boss will be over the moon with appreciation!

Bosses aren't always used to being in the recognition spotlight. Sometimes they get squirrely. It's ok. Recognize up! Let them know they are appreciated, too, and they deserve every minute to shine!


As a team member since 2005, Falon has worn just about every hat the 'ville has to offer. She's seen both sides of working life — as an employee and as a manager — so if it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, we're pretty sure that's why. When she's not juggling between the IDville and Baudville brands, she's been known to whip up a mean diorama - just like that!

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