How To Virtually Present Your Awards

March 5, 2021 Lane Hokanson

How To Virtually Present Your Awards

These days, award presentations look...a little different. For one thing, no one knows if you're wearing your pajama bottoms. For another, you're facing your team through a screen instead of in an event space.

However, now more than ever, the importance of maintaining tradition and promoting appreciation is clear.
So to help you as you transition from traditional award presentation to new, virtual employee recognition, we've put together a cheat-sheet.
Use this guide to ensure you don’t miss any important award presentation details! If you can’t fill in one of the fields, ask the recipient’s co-workers, manager or family to help. After all, that's what makes it a moment filled with recognition!
Recipient’s Name: Make sure you know how to pronounce it!
Date of Hire: Be knowledgeable about the recipient’s time at your organization. 
Team/Department: Where does this individual currently work?
Current Title and Responsibilities: Explain the recipient’s role at the organization. 
Award Title: What award is the recipient winning?
Award Description: What does this award honor? How does one earn it?
Specific Contributions to Organization: What makes the recipient outstanding? Were there any specific projects or goals that exceeded expectations?
How does the recipient exemplify organizational values? What are some examples of the recipient as a model employee?
Humorous Stories: Humor adds a lot of interest to an award presentation, but make sure it’s appropriate and doesn’t embarrass the recipient.
Spouse & Children Names: Often, the recipient’s #1 fan isn’t at your organization. Consider inviting family members to the award presentation. (This is even easier now that invitations are digital!)
Activities Outside the Organization: Mention other accomplishments as an example of the recipient’s character. (This could be a great time to mention their hard work and dedication during the pandemic transition).
NEW! Virtual Presentation: Normally, you'd call the recipient up to the stage and hand them the award in person. Now, however, it's a teeny bit trickier. We've asked our customers some of their favorite presentation methods during this distanced time, and we've got the scoop for you:
First, we recommend letting us handle the details when it comes to shipment. We can coordinate the direct delivery of each custom award to the intended recipient, and can include any gift item or card message that you'd like to come with it! Then, you've got two options for next steps...
Option A: Order an extra (blank) award that you can show on camera during the virtual presentation. It'll give the same effect as an in-person hand off, but a little...less directly.
Option B: Double-up on the artwork our team sends to you! With any personalized gift, our talented team of graphic designers sends over an artwork proof that allows you to double-check the details and be sure all t's are crossed and i's are dotted. Simply save those images and include them in your virtual presentation. The bonus is that you don't have to order extras, and everyone is able to see the personalization at the same time!
Now that you’ve completed the guide, write your award presentation speech. Then, practice, practice, practice!
And worse case scenario? You can always blame a technical glitch for a stumble!


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