Ideas to Refresh Your Employee of the Month Program

December 3, 2015

As the year is quickly coming to a close, you may be evaluating your recognition programs for the year ahead. What's working, what's not, and what needs a program refresh?

Many workplace core values include working together as a team to achieve a common goal. And if you're following recognition program best practices, you will want to align your programs with your organization's core values for the best business results. While you may not think of Employee of the Month as one of those programs that brings people together, we've got an idea to change things up a bit!

What if I told you that your Employee of the Month program could also serve as a high-performing team building tool? As you look to re-evaluate your current program, try this:large-7Employee of the Month Round Pin, $5.95 - Click to View

Each month nominate a different employee - not based on performance, perhaps a random drawing is the best way to nominate the month's featured employee. Have the employee tell you a little bit about himself or herself in a one-on-one meeting; ask about their hobbies, family, best travel experiences, teams they follow and cheer for, etc. Next, collect stories, comments, praises, memories, etc from the rest of your team members about the Employee of the Month.

At your monthly staff meeting, take some time to talk about the spotlight employee; share some of the stories you received, inform the rest of the group about the things you learned about the employee. Really take this time to get to know and shine a spotlight on your employee.

Finally, as the Employee of the Month, allow him or her to choose a charity to donate time, money, or other resources to, either as an individual or together as a team on your company's behalf. This could be something as simple as collecting canned goods for a local food basket, or it could encourage your employees to get out in the community together to serve the local charity!

As each employee gets their time in the spotlight, you will get to know one another better, build eachother up as a unified team, and work toward a common goal together to impact your community. All wins for your team, your company, and your culture!

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