Imagine the Possibilities: Taking Steps in the Right Direction

June 30, 2015

Over the past several months, I’ve been featuring Baudville employees’ stories on how they’ve celebrated their work anniversaries with Imagine the Possibilities™ Cards. I had been stalking my coworker, Alan, because I knew he had something interesting planned for his card. He approached me a few weeks ago to tell me to stop following him that he finally made his purchase. Here’s his story:


“For a few months, I had been looking into purchasing a FitBit for myself. With my wedding coming up, I have been feeling determined to make some wellness changes and have also been wanting to regain some of my past weight loss success. When my Baudville four-year anniversary came around, I decided to opt for the Imagine the Possibilities Card as my gift because I could use it toward buying a FitBit. It just so happened that I got a 20% coupon in the mail from Bed, Bath & Beyond that I gladly put toward the purchase.


Sadly, when I put the FitBit on, I did not immediately lose weight. However, I have been able to learn about my active lifestyle…or lack thereof. It’s a nice motivator to see how many steps I have taken versus how many I should throughout the day.


I’ve also focused on the sleep tracker quite a bit, because sleep apnea affects both of my parents. My sleep tracker has given me the final push to begin looking into sleep study—which I’m sure my future wife will appreciate, too! I believe it was a great gift—one I have been using, and will continue to use every day.”


Cheers to that, right?! These are exciting times for Alan, and we wish him well as he enters this next chapter in his life. Thanks for sharing with us and our audience!

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