Implement Fun Ideas in the Office on Fun at Work Day

January 25, 2010

This week calendars are promoting Fun at Work Day; our calendar lists it on Thursday, January 28. Though some people may roll their eyes or consider office diversions like Fun at Work Day to be frivolous, having fun at work can actually be extremely profitable, as Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For prove. 

At SAS, a privately owned software company at the top of Fortune’s list this year, an employee-friendly culture reigns supreme and fun isn’t hard to find. Employees watch intramural teams compete in volleyball and soccer during weekdays and M&Ms are readily available for staff (they go through 22.5 tons a year). 

One employee from Wegmans Food Market, third on the list, is quoted by Fortune on how a fun atmosphere encourages him to work harder: “I just love it. No day is the same as the previous day. I'm usually here until 6 in the evenings and on Fridays I work until 8, or if it's really fun I stick around until 9. Sometimes I lose track of time.” 

Fun at work can translate to lower employee stress levels, higher commitment, increased engagement and improved results. While Fortune’s 100 best are able to offer desirable employee perks and benefits, organizations of all shapes and sizes can create a fun work environment that employees will appreciate. Remember, the key to a successful fun work culture is consistency. Managers and company leadership need to encourage and embrace fun all year round if they want to impact corporate culture. 

Bring fun to your work this week (and beyond) with these ideas from Baudville. Having some fun may take a little bit of time out of the typical work day, but it will be well worth it. 

  • Play board games at lunch. 
  • Host a ping pong tournament. 
  • Get creative juices flowing with a game of Pictionary or charades 
  • Build ice cream sundaes together. 
  • Make the traditional potluck more interesting by having employees guess who made which dish. 
  •  Host a caption contest. Take a picture of someone in the office, add a thought bubble and have employees fill in the bubble. Post the results and give everyone something to laugh about. 
  • Have an "Embarrassing Incident" contest and give a prize to the person who suffered the funniest cringe-worthy moment. 
  • Give employees a set of our Print and Post sayings. Encourage them to give the sayings to their peers and brainstorm their own. 
  • Host a department spirit day or week and celebrate all the great things about your team. 
  • Have a paper air plane throwing contest. 
  • Keep a stash of Everyday Certificates handy and give out “You’re the Bomb Diggity Awards” often. 
  • Do an old-school arts and craft project like paper maché or anything involving macaroni or play-doh. 
  • Give employees their own candy dish full with sweets. 
  • Hand out Pick Your Nose Party Cups and take pictures of your staff with their new noses. 
  • Give employees their own set of coloring books and crayons for stress relief. 

Pick Your Nose Cup Fun at Baudville Fill-in-the-Thought-Bubble Fun  

Allison, one of the regular contributors to the blog, was the subject in this Fill-in-the-Thought-Bubble exercise. 


What are some of your organization’s fun office ideas? What activity or event do employees ask for over and over again? Tell us about it! We’d like to try it out for ourselves! 


Cori is a Certified Recognition Professional at Baudville and a member of the Millennial generation. Get her daily recognition tips by following Baudville on Twitter at

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