Imprint and Imprint Areas For Affordable Team Gifts

October 18, 2021 Scott Gillis

Promo products are tangible items imprinted with a customer’s name, logo, or message designed to personalize praise or bring brand awareness amongst consumers.

When researching imprint methods for your order you will hear a lot of different terminology used regarding the type of process available to get your message or logo on the product. Below are a few of the more popular printing and application methods. The top three listed we have product examples for you to try:

Screen Printing

This imprint style is the most preferred method in our industry as it is a versatile option that can print on smaller options such as pens and plant cubes as well as a bigger seller such as tote and drawstring bags- 50003

Pad Printing

This imprint style is ideal for oddly shaped objects. Pad printing is most used on products such as water bottles, some tumblers, mugs, and keychains. The pad process allows for the transfer of 2D images to 3D products. 79955

Laser Engrave

Laser engraving out of the available styles is removing something away from the product. A laser light removes material from the product leaving behind a sleek and permanent mark. 71821


Debossing is most common in leather-based items such as a variety of journals, coasters, keychains, and wallets. This process creates a recessed image in the material like engraving.



This method is used as the primary imprint choice for some styles of shirts (i.e. polo shirts) and ballcaps. The image a customer needs is digitized at first then a sew out is made for approval before proceeding with the final product.


Heat Transfer

This method is not commonly used but when chosen the printing method is printed in reverse on a special release paper. It’s pressed onto the product and extreme heat is applied. After it cools, the release paper is removed, and the image is complete.



Sublimation is most common on beach towels or kitchen towels. A customer’s design is printed on a special dye sub paper then directly applied to the product. A heat press and pressure finish the application for a long-lasting appearance.

If you are a first-time customer, it is not always easy to differentiate all the different methods available to you. I hope these explanations help in your decision in finalizing an order. Besides needing to know the various imprint styles, the space in which you will be printing has variations you will need to know. Below I will explain what you should know about the imprint area.

  1. Quality of Your Imprint depends on the Material

Take this into account when you have your artwork and are deciding on the products you need. A brightly colored logo will print differently on a piece of drinkware as compared to a t shirt. The bright logo on a piece of drinkware will pop and stand out to your recipient whereas a t shirt the color will be a little more muted due to the ink absorbing into the fabric.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The most important information to know is that the imprint area is a set space. The imprint area when it is set cannot be changed. For example hand sanitizer gets a custom imprint label and tote bag imprint areas tend to be centered on the front.

  1. Your Pricing Will Depend on Imprint Method

Obviously the better the imprint the higher the cost. As the consumer you must ask yourself how you want your products to look. Budget Friendly methods include Screen printing, Pad Printing, and Heat Transfer. More expensive methods include Sublimation, Debossing, Engraving, and Embroidery.

  1. Imprint Size Varies Depending on Product

An item such as a pen has a smaller imprint space compared to something like a t shirt. For a t shirt you have a multitude of options depending on what you are looking for. For the example below in screen printing you can have the entire back of the shirt screen printed or you can have just the front left side of the chest with a small logo. Be sure to ask your rep questions if you are not sure where your design will end up on the final product.

  1. Proof Approvals are Important Before the Order is Complete

Most customers come into the purchasing of promotional products blind with no prior knowledge. At Baudville you get to approve your proofs before an order proceeds to production. This is a safety net where if you don’t like what you see we fix it until it is to your liking.


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