Is Your Corporate Culture Scaring Millennials?

October 13, 2016 Maggie

Millennials are taking over the working industry, with over one in three American workers today being a part of this demographic. But this young talent pool is looking for a different corporate culture than how we have traditionally looked at the workplace. Long gone is the idea that people should be grateful to work somewhere. So, how can we make sure our office culture is not scaring these young people away?

  1. Help them grow. Today, millennials are looking for a place to work where they feel they can grow. One of the top reasons millennials leave a job is because of the lack of career opportunities. Invest in your employees by presenting them with professional development opportunities. They will value that you are invested in them.

  2. Make an impact. While there are many companies who say they give back to their communities, millennials want to actually see how you are doing this. You can’t just talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk! Show your employees how your company is moving the needle on major social and environmental issues.

  3. Flexible Schedules. We live in a world today where being physically present is optional. With banking, ordering food, going to school, hanging with friends, all of these things do not require you to physically be there. Millennials are looking for the same thing with their work.  Allowing employees to work remotely gives them the flexibility to do the things they need to do at home while still producing exceptional work.

While, yes, this is attractive to millennials, honestly who wouldn’t want these things in the company they work for?  


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