Last Minute Tips for EAD

January 16, 2023 Scott Gillis

Employee Appreciation Day is almost here; mark your calendars for March 3, 2023! As the day approaches, we want to give you some quick and easy last-minute tips to show your super-stellar team members exactly how grateful you are for their positivity, loyalty, and hard work. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll rock this Employee Appreciation Day!

4 Last Minute Tips for Employee Appreciation Day 

#1: Say something –  The most important element of a successful Employee Appreciation Day is expressing your—you guessed it—appreciation!
  • Take a moment to tell your employee face-to-face that they are an awesome member of your team and contribute positively to team spirit and goals!
  • Rather write it down? How about scribbling your heart-felt thanks onto cards or post-it notes and peppering them around your team’s workspace?

#2 Give something- Give something large or small as a keepsake and remembrance of this fun and important day! The products below are all unique and focused on recognizing your employees' greatness!

Top Employee Appreciation Gifts

Delightly:Reders Are Leaders Kit
Bamboo Impact Water Bottle
Petite Mason Jar Planter

#3 Make the day memorable- The name is in the title. This is employee appreciation day and while we should make it a point to appreciate our employees everyday, this is the one day where as a company or organization, you can pull out all the stops. Send out a survey of everyone's favorite foods and bring in the tasty results. Encourage your employees to take a break from work for a couple of hours for a dance party! You could also shut down the offices early and put your out of office up so clients and customers know that you are taking the time to truly appreciate your staff.


#4 Bring it all together and make it count-
Employee Appreciation day sounds kind of like a cheesy affair- don’t let your hard work and planning amount to anything but an amazing experience for your employees. Remember to:
  • Ask your employees how they wish to be recognized- While a large gathering, with parties, music and public recognition and appreciation is great for some not everyone is comfortable with those public displays of appreciation.  Give all of you employees a voice by gathering their feedback. This will ensure your appreciation efforts hit the mark.
  • Lean into the power of the personalization: A hand-written and personal note from your employee’s direct supervisor will make a huge impact. Try your best to keep notes personal to each team member and your efforts will be received with a round of applause!
  • Overall, make a day of it: Start off your morning (or shift) on Employee Appreciation Day with a surprise for your team members, but don’t stop there… little surprises and events throughout the day, keep them engaged, feeling appreciated, and carry the mood beyond the first few minutes of their day. Keep it lighthearted and fun and your employees will leave their day with a smile on their face and a memory that will stick with them!
For more ideas to help you knock it out of the park this Employee Appreciation Day, take a look through our past posts!
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