Last Minute Wrapping Tips to Help You Present the Perfect Gift

December 20, 2017 Lauren Barnes

Your holiday shopping is done – or hopefully nearing completion, and all you want to do is cozy up and enjoy a peppermint mocha (I can’t be alone in this). However, now stands one of the most important parts of gift giving – the final touches. 
The good news is, you won’t have to deal with the snow plow trucks and long lines to complete this part of your holiday gifting. Even better news - we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you make your gift perfect. You want to present your gift with the same thought you put into picking it out!
A few things to consider when giving a gift in and outside of the workplace.

Wrap with Care

Everyone loves unwrapping a gift. Not only does gift wrap make for a fun time, but it also adds value to the gift giving experience. Your recipient will surely appreciate the extra time and effort you put into it. Plus, it will make you look like a gifting pro!
Choose a festive paper or gift bag that reflects the appreciation occasion. If you are awarding a retiree a timeless desk clock to thank them for their years of service, a classic gold or navy paper would be a stunning choice. 

Pay Attention to the Details
Go beyond your favorite holiday paper and add some twine, a bow, or other festive flair. Candy canes and small gift tags are inexpensive touches that can easily elevate any year-end thank you gift. An even more cost effective wrapping touch – a fresh sprig of greens – so classic and festive!

Express Your Thanks Verbally

While your gift will certainly commemorate their success and accomplishments, it's important to verbally express your words of thanks. When presenting the gift, be sure to mention what specifically makes them a stellar teammate. If you feel bashful with verbal praise, put pen to paper and jot down a few kind words in a festive greeting card.

No matter if you present your team with gifts big or small this season, make them meaningful with these simple tips!

Baudville Gold and Multi Color Spinner Ornament with Commemorative Box
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