Mantras to Help You Stay Calm All Summer Long

July 16, 2020 Julia Daihl



Summer… Summer… Summer: Calming Mantras for the Season

Summer is in full swing, and all of us here at Baudville hope you’ve been enjoying at least a few long, lazy days with a small group of friends or family. While the dog days of summer are typically pretty peaceful, we know that during these trying times, finding a sense of calm can pose quite a challenge.

That’s why it’s a great time to discover mantras. Your mental health will thank you while your inner strength and resilience grows. Then you can go out and spread that beautiful, serene energy into the world.


Why Mantras?

The power of mantras is scientifically proven to boost your mood. The word itself basically means “a tool for the mind.” An interesting article in Yoga Journal points to how mantras and meditation can “help free your mind of background chatter and calm your nervous system.” Doctors and neuroscientists all over the world have been studying the power of these ancient practices and how they can treat depression and anxiety.

Mantras are rooted in repetition. It’s this repetition that persuades your mind to free itself from negativity. And, seriously, who couldn’t use a healthy dose of mood brightener right now?


Getting Started

Firstly, open your mind to what mantras are. They’re not about religion; they’re about finding a mindful center—a sense of grounding that helps us move past pessimistic thinking. Secondly, don’t give up. There’s a reason why they call meditation/mantras a “practice.” It takes time to build strong thought muscles!

Pick out a word or phrase that strikes you. It could be as simple as “love” or “I am at peace.” Start slowly and be patient with yourself. You could sit quietly a few minutes before you get ready for work and repeat the selected word or phrase (either out loud or in your head). Or as you go to sleep at night, try it out. The goal is to bring yourself back to a state of calm and mindfulness whenever you repeat the word/phrase.

Need a few inspiring ideas? Here are a few summer-themed mantras to get your inner peace flowing:



Let the Sun Shine In

If you could, wouldn’t you replace all darkness and pessimism with sunlight and sparkly things? The sun brings life to all things and is a symbol of joy and renewal. By repeating, “I am the sun,” you’ll feel brighter, more alive, filling your heart with light.

Now extend that inner light to a friend, employee or co-worker and encourage them to push out the darkness too—a gift of seeds, plants, flowers, or herbs will remind them just how essential light and positivity are to the world.


Be the Willow

Years ago, my wonderful uncle turned my attention toward the value of flexibility. “Be the willow,” he always says. Translation: bend, but don’t break. I love thinking of the willow tree in summer as it sways peacefully in the breeze.

Repeating this mantra creates a more yielding thought process, while still maintaining a stable, deep-rooted approach to life. Use it when you’re feeling resistant or you’re having trouble adapting, whether at work or in your personal life.


As the Clouds Float By…

Part of a meditation/mantra practice is to acknowledge your thoughts, but let them peacefully pass by—the goal is to not fixate on any particular thing. We watch our thoughts, like puffy, white clouds in the summer blue sky, allowing them to float freely away, as our physical self stays firmly grounded.

Take a blanket to a shady spot, dab on some calming essential oil, relax your body and repeat the phrase, “I am free.”


Shine Bright, Friends

We can all use a little pick-me-up this summer, and mantras are shown to be a perfect way to generate some internal sunshine. Give one a go today—there’s certainly no harm in trying! Be well, friends, and keep the light bright.


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