Matchbook Notes: A Quick and Easy Tool for Spreading Happiness and Recognition

November 13, 2015

At just two square inches, Our handy Matchbook Notes fit comfortably in your pocket, purse, or desk drawer. Each booklet comes with 25 notes that have a pre-printed recognition sentiment on them! Below are 10 great ways to use these handy notes!large-6

1. While your employee is out to lunch, set a note on her keyboard and surprise her upon her return.

2. Did you have great service in a restaurant? Leave a matchbook note for your server to let him know!

3. Walking through a store location, did you notice your team members working well together? Hand them each a special note!

4. Driving through the tolls? Hand the toll worker a note thanking them for their hard work!

5. Send a nice note to surprise your child in their lunch box.

6. Walk through the warehouse or factory at your location. Hand out a note to every person that is following all safety procedures you have in place.

7. Do you work with students? Use the Matchbook notes to recognize them for getting their work done on time, for treating each other with kindness, or for staying on-task.

8. Stick a note in your employee's desk drawer as a surprise for the next time they go to grab a pen.

9. Hand a note with your payment to the drive-thru operator next time you're out grabbing lunch.

10. Leave a note on the gas pump, at the atm, or by the soda machine for the next patron.

Whatever way you choose to use these handy, little notes, they are sure to spread some fun and smiles!

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